Mecwins announces licensing and co-development agreement with Quidel

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Mecwins, company founded by Bionanomechanics Lab researchers and licensee of several patents of the group, Announces Strategic Partnership to Develop a Next Generation Platform for Point of Care (POC) Testing
This licensing and co-development agreement leverages Mecwins’ ultrasensitive AVAC platform and Quidel’s extensive expertise in POC assay and cartridge development.
Ultrasensitive POC testing will facilitate developing new tests, incorporating biomarkers and indications not possible with current technologies. Quidel got first FDA approved antigent test for SARS-COV-2.
06/15/2021, Madrid, Spain – Mecwins announced that it has entered into a licensing and co-development agreement with Quidel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic solutions at the point of care, to jointly develop a new testing platform capable of detecting and quantifying biomarkers in concentrations below picogram per ml level in the POC setting. This technology will enable the development of new tests requiring extreme sensitivity.

Mecwins will use its high throughput ultrasensitive AVAC technology and expertise to develop a POC analyzer according to Quidel´s requirements and Quidel will use its extensive expertise in cartridge and immunoassay development to design integrated POC tests that support multiple biological sample types.

The approach will use a combination of localized plasmonic resonance detection with a standard sandwich immunoassay format. Financial and other terms of the collaboration were not disclosed, but both companies have been collaborating since December 2019.

“Ultrasensitive detection and quantification will be a new area of biomarker discovery and validation. Ultrasensitive technologies, below picogram per ml level, are now being used for new biomarker discovery in multiple diagnostic indications: infectious disease, cardiac, inflammation, autoimmune, cancer, etc. Taking it near the patient in a POC setting for an immunodiagnostic assay represents a challenge, but also a great opportunity to develop tests for better, faster clinical decisions,” said Douglas Bryant, Quidel Chief Executive Officer.

Mecwins Chief Executive Officer, Oscar Ahumada, commenting on this agreement said that “this agreement validates Mecwins’ approach to develop ultrasensitive technologies for biomarker detection. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Quidel will allow us to access Quidel expertise in assay development and accelerate development and market introduction”.[:]